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A Message From Our ADM Champion

kevin radford


It has been a privilege to serve as the Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Champion over the last year, and I am honoured to have been asked to continue serving as RPIC’s ADM Champion for the coming year. RPIC has demonstrated a proven, effective approach to delivering timely, relevant professional development training programs that respond to the real property community’s learning needs.

As ADM, Real Property Services, at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), I see first-hand how technological and social and economic changes are influencing professional practices and as a result, I recognize the need for knowledge and skills development in; service management, project management, client relations, data analytics, engagement of indigenous communities, and environmental engineering. This need is very present today, and will continue to grow well into the future.

The Institute’s workshops offer a unique opportunity for members of the profession to come together and cross-functionally share their knowledge and expertise, even between departments. This will become even more important as work continues on government-wide priorities to modernize the public service, to nurture the greening of government operations, and to create a world-class research environment in Canada through the renewal of federal laboratories and investment in the research labs of our Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Through RPIC’s vision and leadership, the federal real property community has a strong partner and ally in advancing real property innovation and practices. This is further demonstrated through RPIC’s Awards and Recognition Program, which showcases and celebrates the outstanding achievements of our community of dedicated professionals.

The Institute, supported by its countless volunteers and partners, has plenty to offer Senior Executives and their employees. I encourage my ADM colleagues and Deputy Ministers to promote RPIC and its services, and to engage with the Institute on issues and topics of importance for the future. In addition, I urge all federal real property professionals to get involved, take advantage of RPIC’s professional development programs, and connect with RPIC through its website and social media activities.

I look forward to another exciting year ahead!


Kevin Radford
Assistant Deputy Minister, Real Property Branch
Public Services and Procurement Canada

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