Plans and Priorities

RPIC Plans and Priorities – 2016-2018 Business Plan

The Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) is a not-for-profit organization which supports the federal real property community in Canada in professional development, recognition and advocacy. The Institute is led by a volunteer Board of Directors who together represent a number of departments and agencies across the Canadian federal government whose mandates include the delivery of real property services. RPIC offers services to over 10,000 functional specialists working in the federal real property community and supports senior executives who manage federal real property for the Government of Canada. RPIC also works with a community of key stakeholders which includes federal common services organizations, central agencies, crown corporations and agencies, municipal, provincial and territorial governments, industry associations, academia and the private sector.

This 2016 to 2018 Business Plan articulates RPIC’s strategic direction charting the Institute’s course in supporting federal real property professionals. The Business Plan takes into account rapidly changing social, economic, environmental and technological forces affecting our profession and work environment.

The RPIC Board of Directors made a concerted effort to focus on realistic and attainable goals over the next three years, and specifically identified the following six strategic objectives:

• Achieving a greater level of support from senior management;

• Increasing the scope and channels for professional development;

• Meeting the needs of regional employees;

• Adapting to change to meet the needs of the next generation;

• Leveraging the expertise in the community; and,

• Increasing recognition of our members within government.

The strategic framework presented within this Business Plan will be supported by annual operational plans, with specific deliverables and action plans in order to ensure tangible results. Adjustments, based on changing environmental conditions will be reviewed on an as-required basis with rationale for changes (if applicable), fully documented and approved by the RPIC Board of Directors.

In order to achieve the strategic objectives, the RPIC Board of Directors have planned some investments in technology, tools and events to market the RPIC brand and to support broader community outreach and interests. Expectations are that some of the product offerings may experience deficits early in this planning period with an anticipated increase in revenues by 2018 to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Institute.

To read more, please download the 2016-2018 RPIC Business Plan here.