2009 RP Award Winners

2009 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 25, 2009
Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, ON

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Group Award

National Project Management System Development and Implementation Team
Project Team: Janet Clark, Isabelle Gagnon, Brenda Pritchar, Brian O’Connor, Elizabeth Doherty, Mitchell Cogan, David Brannan, Jean Vezina, Bill Weber, Jim Graham, Kevin McElroy, Michel Langlois, Cory Campbell, Cheryl Yeung, Randy Clark, Ed Coy, Bill Murphy, Caroline Harvey, Serge Demers, Marie-France Moysan, Joe Grossi, Colin Wilson, Kathleen White, Alec Reichart, Jim Russell, Henry Westermann, Bill Paulson, Patrick Fu, Alex Fakidis and Stuart Leslie, Public Works and Government Services Canada

Project Highlights:

  • Contributed to significant improvements in Public Works and Government Services Canada project delivery performance since the NPMS launch in 2006;
  • Breakthrough innovation by integrating the front-end portfolio and economics-based investment decision process with standardized and improved methodologies for project governance, planning, delivery and evaluation;
  • Use of modern technology and the web to provide training and access to best practices and standardized tool, templates and technical documentation;
  • Collaborative partnering with over 200 headquarters and regional employees and on-going training and awareness initiatives.
IMG 0926From Left to right: John McBain, Jean Vezina, JP St-Amand

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Individual Award

CANMET – Materials Technology Laboratory Relocation to Hamilton
Mark Hennessey, Natural Resources Canada

Project Highlights:

  • Move strengthens current program partnership and increases the potential of future partnerships;
  • Program moves from a rusted out facility to a world-class, LEED Platinum facility;
  • PPP model transfers the risk of ownership to a third party;
  • Structure of lease will provide Natural Resources Canada with long-term A-base funding relief.

IMG 0928

From Left to right: Gordon McIvor, Mark Hennessey, JP St-Amand

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

National Headquarters Complex for the Agriculture Portfolio
National Headquarters Complex for the Agriculture Portfolio Project Team, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The National Headquarters Complex for the Agriculture Portfolio project was exceptional in nature as it was the first time that a project of this magnitude had been managed as a true partnership with a single governance structure for the three stakeholders – Public Works and Government Services Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – and with a single, fully integrated management team including real property, IM/IT and procurement functions.

IMG 0936

From Left to right: Gavin Liddy, Branko Djuric, David Doyle, Shawn Lafreniere, JP St-Amand


Employment Insurance Workload Initiative
Project Team: Jason R. Leblanc, Kimberley Landry, Heather Jackson, Francine Guérette, Marc Lecavalier, Lynn Beachamp, Jean-Marie Ducasse, Jeff Fernback, Kent Watson, Val Laberge, Lorna Jancczko, Brenda Embury, Debbie Peckham, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada/Service Canada
Ginette Schryer, Wendy Ward, Maureen Llare, Kim Junek, Trudy Blight, Ted Ebbers, Yves Beauparlant, Andre Faubert, Michel Doucet, Muchael L'orter, Glen Ilynes, Mark Harrison, Kerry Taylor, Public Works and Government Services Canada

Responding effectively to economic downturn and meeting an increase of over 1,200,000 in employment insurance claims demanded new processing spike units, call centre expansions and service delivery centre modifications. As part of the 2009 Economic Action Plan, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada/Service Canada (HRSDC/SC) also extended benefits available and increased its speed of payment commitments. To support this expanded workload HRSDC/SC increased its delivery capacity by integrating over 3,000 employees into its operations, resulting in 1,600 workspaces created in partnership with Public Works and Government Services Canada at 78 different locations across Canada.

IMG 0948

From Left to right: Scott Stevenson, HRSDC/SC and PWGSC Project Team, JP St-Amand

Michael Nurse Leadership Award

Lorraine McCollum

Lorraine McCollum has demonstrated and outstanding level of personal involvement and commitment to the Real Property Community since the mid 1990’s. Whether coaching/mentoring new employees, providing advice and guidance or leading a team to deliver on high priority projects at a departmental or government-wide level, Lorraine had made an exceptional contribution to the community over a sustained period of time. Lorraine retired from the public service in 2009.

IMG 0971 

From Left to right: Gordon McIvor, John McBain, Lorraine McCollum, Greer Nurse, Scott Stevenson, Gavin Liddy, JP St-Amand

Lifetime Achievement Award

Blair James, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Amongst his achievements, Blair James was instrumental in leading the policy renewal for federal real property as the Executive Director, Assets and Acquired Services Directorate at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. During this period, Blair was successful in leading the Policy Framework for the Management of Assets and Acquired Services and its associated policy instruments, setting the direction for the management of assets and acquired services to ensure the conduct of these activities provides value for money and demonstrates sound stewardship in program delivery.

Recognition of RPIC's ADM Champions

IMG 0977

From Left to right: Gordon McIvor, John McBain, Scott Stevenson, Gavin Liddy, JP St-Amand

Recipient of the RPIC donation on behalf of National Workshop speakers:

Engineers Without Borders

IMG 0985

From Left to right: Peter Linkletter, 2009 Workshop Chair, and Aatif Baskanderi, Engineers Without Borders NCR Chapter

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