2010 RP Award Winners

2010 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 24, 2010
InterContinental Hotel, Toronto, ON

Service Excellence – Group Award

Facility Condition Assessment Program: Effective Capital Planning – The Ontario University System
Project Team: Duncan Watt, Darryl Boyce, Kevin Gallinger, Carleton University
Ann Brown, Queen's University
Bob Carter, University of Guelph
Anthony Cupido, McMaster University
Bruce Dodds, University of Toronto
Ian Hamilton, Ryerson University
Dennis Hastings, University of Windsor
Dennis Huber, University of Waterloo
John Wordley, Trent University

The Ontario University System is comprised of 19 universities across the province with a total of 357,000 full-time students, encompassing over 70 million square feet of facilities and with a current replacement value of $20 billion. Less than two years after the creation of the Facility Condition Assessment Program (FCAP), the Ontario government awarded the University System $93 million in deferred maintenance funding - an increase of $40 million from previous years. This funding level was based on the requirements from only 20% of the universities' physical structures. Funding for the System's Facility Renewal Program has increased by an average of $80 million over the nine-year period since FCAP was implemented.

 MG 0630

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Bob Carter, Darryl Boyce, Scott Stevenson

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Individual

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Investment Plan
Jean Deschamps, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Jean Deschamps assumed the lead role in developing the RCMP’s Investment Plan covering the period 2008-09 to 2012-13. His strategic, innovative and comprehensive analysis along with his dedication to quality and excellence resulted in the RCMP investment plan being approved by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, including increased authorities, in March 2009. As a result of Jean's efforts, the coordination of investment planning across the Force has been strengthened and scarce resources are being optimized.

 MG 0631

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Jean Deschamps, Scott Stevenson

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Group Award

Accessibility Audit Action Plan
Project Team: Doug Thayer, Muhammad Nuraddeen, Serge Gaudreau, Marilou Ouellet, Carole Proulx, Tamela Quigg, Doug Sally, Health Canada

The Health Canada Accessibility Audit Action Team was created to review Health Canada's (HC) real property holdings in the National Capital Region and identify improvements required to bring base building elements into compliance with the 1995 and 2004 Treasury Board Accessibility Requirements, as well as to develop and implement an action plan to ensure compliance. The Team's template and methodology have been recommended by the Canadian Human Rights Commission as a best practice to other government departments and the private sector to address current accessibility concerns in their current buildings and for consideration in future acquisitions.

 MG 0633

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, Scott Stevenson, Muhammad Nuraddeen, Gary Lacey, JP St-Amand

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Group Award

Village at Griesbach
Canada Lands Company

Achieving special sustainable development designation for portion of the project demonstrated how Canada Lands Company’s approach as a developer is compatible with environmentally sustainable best practices.

 MG 0634

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Marvin Neumann, Scott Stevenson

Best Practices – Project Management – Individual Award

Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre
Denis Fortin, Department of National Defence

Denis Fortin initiated and developed, over a period of five years, a Modified Design Build (MDB) process for the delivery of Department of National Defence infrastructure construction projects. He successfully utilized this new project delivery process as a pilot project to deliver the 5,000m2 Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre at 8 Wing, CFB Trenton in June 2010. His new MDB process was focussed on blending the most beneficial elements from each of the standard Design-Bid-Build and Design Build processes, while equally seeking to minimize the negative impacts. This process reduced tendering time by four months, eliminated potential for conflict, eliminate duplication, produce better estimates and improved approval process control with pre-determined off-ramps.

 MG 0636

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Denis Fortin, Scott Stevenson

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

Kanata Centre for Innovation Project
Project Team: Gary Lacey, Cathryn Mayville, Marilou Ouellet, Karen Bader, 
Christine Blouin, Samantha Scott, Ken Parlee, Brent Hoelke, 
Rose Graves, Sunrta Brule, Amy Daly, Deborah Rose, Health Canada
John Balazic, Lisa Maidens, Constantine Lazaridis, Wendell Wilson,
Diana Campbell, Jim Quinn, Emmanuelle Guay, Public Works and Government Services Canada

The Health Canada/Public Works and Government Services Canada Kanata Centre of Innovation Project Management Team managed the office redesign and fit-up project of a new facility for Health Canada's (HC) Information Management/Technology (IM/IT) specialists, including the acquisition of a more cost-efficient lease space, efficient collaboration amongst stakeholders, partnering with the future tenants and realizing a cutting-edge office space. This project deliverable united all of HC's IM/IT specialists in one location.

 MG 0639

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, Scott Stevenson, John Balazic, Kin Choi, JP St-Amand

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

Depot Modernization Project
RCMP Depot Project Management Team

The Depot Project Management Team has continuously exceeded project expectations over the past several years. Through demonstrated best practices in design, disposal, facility management, renovation, project management, collaborative partnerships, environmental practices, sensitivity to heritage, etc., “Depot” Division in Regina, SK, has been transformed into a modern training facility as well as being identified as a "top attraction to visit in North America". By all accounts, the transformative changes to the RCMP Training Academy have ensure that Depot is well equipped to respond to the emerging priorities and future training requirements of the RCMP while also preserving the heritage and history that has made Depot a national attraction.

 MG 0642

From Left to right: Allan Currie, Daniel Leclair, 
Brian Ludwar, Kevin Serle, Linda Topping, 
Steve Smedley, Jean-Pierre St- Amand, 
Scott Stevenson


Accelerated Infrastructure Program Initiative
Project Team: Matt Johanson, Holly Lewis, Dan Jollimore, James W. Reeves, 
David Robinson, Corinne Steed, Pierre Vanasse, Glenn D. Webber,
 Mark Schneider, Pierre Chambefor, Tom Gribbin, Bob Nash,
 Alan Anderson, Dan Davis, Parks Canada
William Blight, Sylvie Asselin, Jack Vandenberg, Silvano Mason,
 Helen Serrurier, Hendrika Murzsa, Lisa Lafosse, Michèle-Ann Sauvé,
 Leanne Cadieux, Desmond Gray, Public Works and Government Services Canada

Canada’s Economic Action Plan and Budget 2009 included funds to build and renew Canada-wide federal public infrastructure over two years. Parks Canada (PCA) received approximately $343 million for projects related to visitor experience, national historic sites and the twinning of the Trans Canada Highway within Banff National Park. PCA's Accelerated Infrastructure Program required the collaboration with Public Works and Government Services Canada to deliver approximately 1,117 infrastructure projects over a two-year period.

 MG 0643

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, JP St-Amand, Lisa Lafosse, Pierre Vanasse, Scott Stevenson

Service Excellence

Al Ricattone, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Al Ricottone has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to client service excellence in the real property field through his leadership role in successfully implementing the Real Property Service Agreements between the RCMP and Public Works and Government Services Canada for the provision of comprehensive property management services across the RCMP. Under his leadership, the RCMP has significantly changed the way real property services are delivered across the organization.

 MG 0645

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, Scott Stevenson, Al Ricattone, JP St-Amand

Recipient of the RPIC donation on behalf of National Workshop speakers:

Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation

 MG 0656

From Left to right: JP St-Amand, RPIC President, Peter Johnson, Director, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, Tara Dinsmore, Chair, 2010 Real Property National Workshop

Recognition award for outgoing RPIC ADM Champion

Scott Stevenson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Infrastructure and Environment, Department of National Defence

 MG 0627

From Left to right: Daniel Leclair, RPIC Award Chair, JP St-Amand, RPIC President, Scott Stevenson, 2010 RPIC ADM Champion

2011 RPIC ADM Champion

Alain Séguin, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Corporate Management and Comptrollership, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

 MG 0648

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