2011 RP Award Winners

2011 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 16, 2011
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Group Award

Capital Planning and Management Solution – Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
Marcel Gingras, Department of National Defence

Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Esquimalt contributes to operational capability and provides services, support and people to Maritime and Canadian Forces operations. The facility team implemented a Capital Planning and Management Solution beginning in 2009. As they gain insight into the current condition of CFB Esquimalt’s facility portfolio, the team has been able to leverage their new objective data and intelligent decision support system to change the way the Navy has approached facilities planning and budgeting.

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Individual Award

Fume Hood Testing Modernization
Wolfgang Delfing, Health Canada

Wolfgang Delfing was instrumental in the development and implementation of an innovative new fume hood testing methodology (added as an addendum to the former testing procedure - MD15128). Adapting the existing testing methodology to more rigorous standards, he successfully implemented a number of improvement initiatives that led to replicable, dependable testing results every time. The new testing methodology is mechanized, simplifying the procedure and virtually removing human error as a risk factor.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Wolfgang Delfing, Alain Séguin

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Group Award

Achievements Under the Environmental Framework – Health Canada Environmental Management Services Team
Project Team: Muhammad Nuraddeen, Kelly Ellis, Jean-François Mercier, Faduma Yusuf, Charles Cameron, Health Canada

The Health Canada Environmental Management Services Team conceived and implemented a number of successful initiatives launched under the Environmental Framework, benefiting the environment and enhancing operations by reducing the organization's environmental footprint, as well as achieving significant cost savings. These initiatives included:

  • Automatic Computer Shutdown Script;
  • Replacement of existing continuous air ventilation system;
  • Implementation of a Green Meeting Guide;
  • Laboratory plastic recycling program; and,
  • Battery collection and disposal.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Alain Séguin, Kelly Ellis, Jean-François Mercier, Charles Cameron

Best Practices – Project Management – Individual Award

Nitrate Film Preservation Facility – Library and Archives Canada
Richard E. Czuba, Public Works and Government Services Canada

This project involved the design and construction of a new Nitrate Film Preservation Facility for Library and Archives Canada on a greenfield site on the Communications Research Center campus at Shirley’s Bay in the west end of Ottawa. The one-story building is 1,450 m2 in gross building area and incorporates a green roof design with 22 individual temperature and humidity-controlled vaults.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Alain Séguin, Richard Czuba, Jean Deschamps

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

PWGSC National Project Management System Continual Improvement Team
Project Team: Derby Martin and Jim Russell, Public Works and Government Services Canada

Derby Martin and Jim Russell have been long-term active members of the PWGSC Continual Improvement Team. Both are engaged in ensuring that the National Project Management System (NPMS) is followed and applied to all projects. They have provided invaluable input into the improvement of many aspects of the NPMs, for example, the risk management plans and NPMS “lite”.


From left to right: Jean Deschamps, Jim Russell, Derby Martin

Partnership – Group Award

Communications Security Establishment Canada Long Term Accommodation P3 Project
Project Team: Robert Brule, Robert Ryan, Thomas McKenzie, Richard MacDonald, Communications Security Establishment Canada
Martin Cukierman, Paul-Émile Leger, Defence Construction Canada

The success of the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) Long-Term Accommodation P3 Project (LTAP) to date has much to do with the partnership approach that was embraced by the project executive. This partnership, inclusive of CSEC staff, Defence Construction Canada staff and industry, could be deemed to be the model that similar P3 projects should follow. Collaboration, integration and consultation were the operative words. Of particular note, is that once the number of P3 proponents has been narrowed to three major teams, the LATP team began extensive consultation (consisting of 52 meetings in total) with each of the three proponents to ensure that their responses to the RFP would meet the complex financial, functional, technical and scope requirements.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Alain Séguin, CSEC/DCC Team

Service Excellence – Individual Award

Jean-Pierre St-Amand, RPIC President 2007 - 2011

Jean-Pierre St-Amand has been an RPIC Board Member since 2001 and has been President since 2007. Throughout this 11 years of service, JP continuously strived to position RPIC as the ‘go-to” National Association for Real Property. It was due strongly to JP’s passion and leadership that RPIC has evolved into the strong leading organization it is today.


From left to right: Scott Stevenson, Gordon McIvor, JP St-Amand, Alain Séguin, John McBain

Lifetime Achievement Award

Ruth Brady, RCMP

Ruth Brady’s 35 year Public Service career has been dedicated to passionately supporting and professionalizing the real property community. Her contributions have been far-reaching and leading edge and have often been embedded in government-wide practice. She has developed Treasury Board policies and regional strategies and has provided leadership in many initiatives.


From left to right: JP St-Amand, Scott Stevenson, Gordon McIvor, Ruth Brady, Alain Séguin, John McBain, Jean Deschamps

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