2013 RP Award Winners

2013 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 6, 2013
Ottawa Convention Centre, Ottawa, ON

Best Practices – Project Management – Individual Award

Frederick Hardy
RCMP PRINCE2® Integration

Following a comprehensive review and analysis, Frederick Hardy introduced a new enterprise level project management system to the RCMP. This system, PRINCE2®, not only enables the RCMP to meet evolving project accountability standards, it has introduced a new level of project management professionalism and sophistication.

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From Left to Right: Frederick Hardy, Alain Séguin, Pierre-Marc Mongeau, George Green, James Ralston and Jean Deschamps

Best Practices – Project Management – Group Award

RCMP National Headquarters Relocation Project
Project Team: Paul McCarthy, Martin Page, Bernie Applebaum, Mike Garner, Martin Petersons, Elzbieta Fiett, Terrry Thorn, Doug Mineault, John Sheridan, Philippe Bissonette, Thomas Brennan, Marcel Phillion, André Lacelle, Craig Davis, Eric Konieczny, Larry Clement, Paul Macleod, Gary Kelly, Randy Robert, Mike Rouleau, Eric Janveaux, Oliver Leclerc, Marc St Pierre, Dianne Saunders, Shanna Jacklin, Nathalie Reilly, Paula Meldrum, Sandra Rodrigues, Greg Finlay, Ed Minder, Suzanne Stoltz, David Peterson, Mo Sotille, Jeff Baird, Stephen Babb, David Fowler, Valerie Allen, Carolyn Frank, Ruth Lafrance, Jo Boomhower, Lisa Anderson, Mary Geliner, Melinda Hazelwood, Keith Grant, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Dennis C. MacDonald, Jeff Current, Wayne Beamish, John Francis Grice, Doug McCune, Karen Napior, Carolyn Walsh, Patricia Mayer, Shari Crawley, Richard Larabie, Public Works and Government Services Canada
Greg Rogers, Paul Stewart, Lloyd Kilgore, David Peterson, Robert Campbell, Sue Roach, Laurie Madden, Hollie McDonald, Minto Group Inc.

Through integration of their work, a truly extraordinary office campus has been created; one that has the potential to shape and influence the RCMP HQ culture for many years. This LEED CI 'Silver' facility is comprised of seven buildings interconnected by an atrium and has the capacity to accommodate approximately 3,000 employees.

IMG 5610

From Left to Right: Dennis MacDonald, Martin Page, Lloyd Kilgore, Alain Séguin, Pierre-Marc Mongeau, George Green, James Ralston and Jean Deschamps

Partnership – Group Award

RCMP H Division Headquarters Relocation Project
Project Team: Bill Fioratos, Heide Morash, Marc Brophy, Ellen Coady, Ray Lamb, Vanessa Morrison, Larry Clark, Fred Rahey, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Eugene Chown, Greg Gromack, Virginia Howard, Chris Restin, Rick Vermeulen, Gabriel Carriere, Mike Dundan, Public Works and Government Services Canada

RCMP H Division Headquarters Relocation Project was a complex accommodation project that involved the consolidation of ten operational locations to one in a new purpose built facility. The construction of the facility and relocation of 500 staff was delivered under budget, six months ahead of schedule and on scope, while saving taxpayers approximately one million dollars.

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Service Excellence

Heather Kane

Heather Kane has exhibited dedication and passion over many years of service to RPIC and the Federal government. She has been instrumental in the development and unity of the real property community.

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From Left to Right: Heather Kane, Alain Séguin, Pierre-Marc Mongeau, George Green, James Ralston and Jean Deschamps

Lifetime Achievement

Richard DeBenetti

Richard DeBenetti has committed 30 years to the field of real property and over the 30 years has demonstrated excellent leadership and personal attributes. A few of his achievements include:

  • Establishing a strategic alliance between Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to revitalize a diverse multi-purpose portfolio of 420,000 m2 of NRCan owned and leased facilities.
  • While Director, National Client Service Team, for NRCan, Richard successfully transitioned the former Real Property Client Service unit into an integrated Client Service Team offering the full range of PWGSC services.
  • In 2005 while working as an Account Executive for the Client Consultancy Sector, Real Property Branch, he successfully managed the approval and rolling out of the frontend space standards pilot for HRSDC/Service Canada.

Richard has contributed to the advancement, innovation and evolution of real property - from implementing disciplined, portfolio management rigour to innovation avant-garde client service models to developing new, supply chain relationships with the private sector.

IMG 5625

From Left to Right: Richard DeBenetti, Alain Séguin, Pierre-Marc Mongeau, George Green, James Ralston and Jean Deschamps

2013 RPIC Federal Heritage Buildings Award of Excellence in Heritage Conservation

Birthplace of Canada's National Parks: Cave and Basin National Historic Site Renewal Project
Project Team: Steve Malins, John Rose, Susan Kennard, Rod Pickard, Meg Stanley, Parks Canada  

Project highlights include:

  • Rehabilitation of a defunct swimming pool into a multifunctional interpretive centre/heritage venue while maintaining the historic building's heritage character defining elements.
  • Construction of a new contemporary building located adjacent to heritage building.
  • Excellent design and in keeping with the standards and guidelines.
  • Renewed visitor experience utilizing the complete NHS footprint (board walks, viewing decks, natural features, cultural landscape).
  • Careful integrated approach to planning/monitoring/mitigation of complex parameters of heritage building conservation, new construction, cultural resources, sensitive ecological habitat and public access.
  • Conservation repair of the Basin Pavilion’s interior north wall.
  • Substantial community consultation from design to build.

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