2014 RP Award Winners


2014 RPIC Real Property Awards
November 19, 2014
Shaw Centre, Ottawa, ON

Best Practices – Comprehensive Planning – Group Award

Department of National Defence Health Care Recapitalization Program
Project Team: Jacques Vaillancourt, John Halliday, Khalid Bashir, Bruce Macleod, Rémi Desmarais, Stéphane Lavalée, Bill Jamieson, Richard Helm, Wei Tang, Department of National Defence

The Project Team took it upon itself to initiate best practices for the implementation of a Health Care Recapitalization Program, a program of $560 million that designs and constructs new health care facilities on Department of National Defence Bases across Canada.

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From Left to Right: John McBain, Jacques Vaillancourt, Khalid Bashir, Bill Matthews, Bruce Macleod, Jaime Pitfield, Rémi Desmarais, Heather Kane

Best Practices – Project Management – Individual Award 

Canadian Embassy and Official Residence in Prague (Czech Republic)
Yvona Bohackova, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

In the beginning, there was a historic palatial villa with the plan to build a new modern Canadian Embassy, and reconstruct the existing villa for a residence and representational functions. In the end, after going through a complex transformation, there is a modern embassy complex linking history and present together with the clients’ intentions. The primary concept represents a close relation of the existing villa and rudimentary volume of the new embassy building. Simple, smooth, dark and gently reflecting, a contemporary building stands in contract with a solid articulated eclectic architecture of the villa. Two buildings are connected by a floating glass screen which also serves as a gateway to the official entrance. The juxtaposition of modern elegance and historic style results in a highly representative architectural expression.

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From Left to Right: John McBain, Yvona Bohackova, Bill Matthews, Jaime Pitfield, Heather Kane

Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability – Group Award

Building 700, 3rd Canadian Division Headquarters, CFB Edmonton, AB
Nicholas Psihramis, Department of National Defence
Todd Colbourne, Colbourne & Kembel Architects Inc.

This project involves relocation and consolidation of three Units at CFB Edmonton from two existing buildings into one new building of about 8,000 m2. Strategies include day-lighting and views for all occupants, 56% energy savings, roof water reclamation for evaporative cooling towers, minimalist materials, exposed concrete slabs and ceilings and walls for thermal mass, external light shades and internal light bounce shelves on the south side, native grasses on the site, low water use, and radiant slab heating.

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From Left to Right: John McBain, Nicholas Psihramis, Maj (Ret’d) Cheryl Godefroy, Bill Matthews, Todd Colbourne, Jaime Pitfield, Chris Fox, Heather Kane

Lifetime Achievement

Nancy Shaver

Nancy Shaver has provided exceptional and sustained contributions by leading and implementing major real property initiatives at the Department of National Defence. These initiatives range from driving partnering arrangements with cities to spearheading major strategic disposal initiatives. Most of these initiatives had been on hold for many years due to challenges faced with Aboriginal issues and claims. Nancy marshalled a number of these projects to conclusion by driving through the disposal process, effective consultation with all stakeholders, including aboriginal groups, finding innovative solutions to addressing stakeholder interests and finalizing the sales to Canada Lands Company. This has resulted in the elimination of significant holding costs for DND and has enabled CLC to create value and provide financial returns to the Crown which were shared with DND for re-investment in real property. More recently Nancy was instrumental in the development of a multi-departmental initiative to make progress on the long-outstanding strategic disposals in the lower mainland of British Columbia involving three Aboriginal Groups and CLC. Nancy’s drive, determination, leadership skills and ability to build partnerships led to all these significant achievements.

IMG 0376 copy
From Left to Right: John McBain, Bill Matthews, Nancy Shaver, Jaime Pitfield, Heather Kane

2014 RPIC Federal Heritage Buildings Award of Excellence in Heritage Conservation

Disposal of the Recognized Aurora Armoury
Project Team: Department of National Defence (ADM(IE)/ DGPReqts/ DPP and the 4th CDN DIV HQ)

The Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office designated the Aurora Armoury as "Recognized" in 1991. As the property was no longer required in support of operational needs, the Department of National Defence (DND) looked at alternative uses for the building. Following the federal circulation process, the Town of Aurora showed interest in purchasing the property. The Government of Canada requested a Heritage Covenant in the transfer documents and consequently, the Town designated the Armoury as a heritage property. At its public meeting on September 9, 2014, the Town council authorized the purchase of the property. DND handed over the keys of the Aurora Armoury on September 30, 2014.

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From Left to Right: John McBain, Bill Matthews, Valérie Baillard, Susan Chambers, Jaime Pitfield, Leslie Huynh, Heather Kane

2014 RPIC Energy Award for Energy Efficiency of Federal Building

Existing Building

100 Sussex Drive Energy Retrofit
Project Team: Robin Craig, Subash Vohra, Derek Rintoul, Jim Souter, Peter McFadden, Mauro Tomietto, Stéphane Dénommée, National Research Council
Roy Samhaber, Rob Bohnen, Randy McLean, Ameresco

Project highlights include:

IMG 0396 copy

From Left to Right: John McBain, Rob Bohnen, Bill Matthews, Subash Vohra, Jaime Pitfield, Roy Samhaber, Heather Kane, Robin Craig

New Construction

Building 700, 3rd Canadian Division Headquarters, CFB Edmonton, AB
Project Team: Nicholas Psihramis, Department of National Defence and Todd Colbourne, Colbourne & Kembel Architects Inc.

Sustainable design was a key project objective and the project is seeking certification to LEED Gold level. Achievements are as follows:

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From Left to Right: John McBain, Nicholas Psihramis, Bill Matthews, Maj (Ret’d) Cheryl Godefroy, Jaime Pitfield, Chris Fox, Heather Kane, Todd Colbourne