Adventus Remediation Technologies
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Allu Group Inc.
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Arcadis Canada Inc.
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Chemco Inc.
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Chemco inc. is supplying and supporting its products and services for the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater using Chemical Oxidation and Enhanced Bioremediation Technology. Chemco will provide technico-economical support on these technologies by helping in product selection and supply, doing laboratories analysis to determine the Natural Oxidant Demand in Soil and Groundwater and treatability study. We can also help with the logistic, injection design, storage and Health and Safety training. We supply ALL the major oxidants (sodium persulphate, hydrogen peroxide and sodium and potassium permanganate). We have Canadian distribution agreement for the FMC Klozur line and Advanced Oxidation Technology unique catalysts for the Modified Fenton Reagent Reaction.


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The Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) is a cost-shared program that helps federal custodians to address contaminated sites for which they are responsible. The primary objective of this program is to address the risks that these sites pose to human health and the environment and to reduce the associated financial liability. The program has the complementary objectives of supporting other socio-economic outcomes, such as training and employment of Canadians and promotion of innovative technologies.



Golder Associates
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Golder Associates Ltd. is a respected, employee-owned, global company providing consulting, design, and construction services in our specialist areas of earth, environment, and the related areas of energy. From offices worldwide, our employees work with clients to manage their environmental and engineering activities in a technically sound, economically viable, and socially responsible manner.


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GroundTech Solutions®
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GroundTech Solutions® is the exclusive distributor of Geoprobe® direct push machines, tools, and remediation equipment in Canada. With service centres near Toronto, Ontario and in Red Deer, Alberta we provide equipment, service, training, and demonstrations of the very latest machines, soil and groundwater sampling systems, pre-pack monitoring wells, soil gas sampling systems, and remediation injection technology. GroundTech Solutions® also provides geotechnical equipment including Auto Drop Hammers for SPT (Standard Penetration Tests) and Cone Penetration Tests (CPT) using a cordless memory cone.

Geoprobe® direct push machines have a powerful hammer that combine with the most effective soil and groundwater sampling innovations including the Macro Core MC5 Soil Sampling System, the Screen Point Groundwater Sampler, and the DT325 Dual Tube Soil Sampling System. In addition, Geoprobe® has developed real time data systems including the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) which is the only commercially available technology for the detection of both chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents in the subsurface, the EC Probe for determining soil lithology with the Direct Image Field Computer, and the HPT Probe (Hydraulic Profiling Tool) used to determine preferential pathways in the subsurface and for the targeting of injections of remediation materials.



Paracel Laboratories Ltd.
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Paracel Laboratories Ltd. is an accredited multidisciplinary analytical laboratory specializing in organic, inorganic, mould and fungi, bacteria, allergen and asbestos analyses. Paracel's laboratories are located in Ottawa and Mississauga and are supported by several depots which service the Niagara, Sarnia and Kingston areas. Paracel provides project support for professional clients from across Canada and around the world.


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Quantum Murray LP.
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Quantum Murray LP (QMLP) is Canada's premier industrial services company. We offer one-stop shopping – a full line of services including demolition, remediation, hazardous materials abatement, emergency response and training as well as the salvaging and recycling of scrap metals.



SNC Lavalin Environment
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SNC-Lavalin Environment (SLE) is the environmental division of SNC-Lavalin Inc., and is one of the most comprehensive environmental consulting teams in Canada, with over 50 years of environmental management, remediation and impact assessment experience, worldwide.

SLE has worked to provide advice and technical assistance to government agencies, ensured regulatory compliance and best management practices within industry, and worked through project life-cycles to deliver long term sustainable solutions.

WE CARE embodies SNC-Lavalin's key corporate values and beliefs: health and safety, employees, the environment, quality and communities where we work worldwide.



Terrapex Environnement Ltée
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Terrapex Environnement Ltée ("Terrapex") is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting and remediation company, innovative and progressive, with offices in the Montreal area, Quebec City and the Gaspe Peninsula, with strategic alliances in Ontario. Our core values are Integrity, Technical Excellence, Personalised Service and Practical Approach. These values are well instilled throughout the company. We believe in long term relationships.


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