2015 RPIC Federal Contaminated Sites Regional Workshop

June 3-4, 2015 at the Westin Edmonton
10135 100 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta

  1. ALS Environmental
  2. Arcadis
  3. Chemco Inc.
  4. Envirocon Environmental Services, ULC
  5. Envirogreen Technologies Ltd.
  6. GroundTech Solutions Ltd.
  7. Maxxam Analytics
  8. Oak Environmental Inc.
  9. Office of Small and Medium Enterprises
  10. Pine
  11. Regenesis
  12. SCG Industries Limited
  13. Tervita

ALS logo colorALS Environmental

Booth #5

At ALS Environmental, we have a reputation in Canada for delivering laboratory data of the highest quality, while consistently meeting the turnaround time requirements of clients. We are committed to our clients and to environmental sustainability. Our accredited, high-quality laboratories offer services such as site remediation, well-, drinking-, and waste-water testing, air testing, industrial hygiene testing and consultation, sediment, soil, and tissue testing, dioxin and furan testing, and more!

Chemco Inc.

Booth #3

Chemco Inc. is a Canadian Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor providing products and services for In Situ and Ex Situ Soil and Groundwater remediation projects using chemical oxidation and reduction technologies, soil washing processes and enhanced bioremediation techniques.

Chemco Inc. supports these technologies with technical & economical design assistance for product selection, laboratory analysis to determine Natural Oxidant Demand in soil and groundwater, bench scale treatability studies and validation of subsurface distribution through the use of inert tracers. Their services also include supply chain logistics, equipment selection and procurement, injection design, chemical storage solutions and health and safety training. 

Chemco Inc. is the Canadian distributor the Peroxychem, Carus Chemical and Advanced Oxidation Technology patented catalyst technology.

Envirocon Environmental Services, ULC

Booth #7

Envirogreen Technologies Ltd.envirogreen

Booth #1

Envirogreen Technologies Ltd. (ETL) is an established hazardous waste, contaminated soil, sediment and sludge management company.  All materials are managed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, eliminating client liability.  ETL utilizes thermal desorption technology to treat a wide range of industrial waste and contaminated soil. The ETL thermal desorption unit is capable of removing 99.99% hydrocarbon content from waste materials. The hydrocarbon off gas is captured and used as fuel for our plant. The volatilization of contaminants results in a cleansed material which is then used in ongoing reclamation work, eliminating the need for ongoing residual management.



Booth #6

ARCADIS is the leading global natural and built asset design & consultancy firm working in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes through the application of design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services. ARCADIS differentiates through its talented and passionate people and its unique combination of capabilities covering the whole asset life cycle, its deep market sector insights and its ability to integrate health & safety and sustainability into the design and delivery of solutions across the globe.

ARCADIS has been active in Canada for 20+ years, and formally established ARCADIS Canada Inc. in 2005 based out of Calgary, Alberta. In 2013, ARCADIS further enhanced its Canadian presence and capabilities through the acquisition of SENES Consultants Limited (SENES) and its affiliated company Decommissioning Consulting Services Limited (DCS) with 150 engineering, scientific and support staff. In 2014, ARCADIS acquired Franz Environmental (FRANZ) with a staff of 110.

Our office locations include Victoria and Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB; Niagara Region, Waterloo, Richmond Hill, Mississauga and Ottawa, ON; Saskatoon, SK; Yellowknife, NT; and Montreal, QC and staff at these locations are supported by more than 6,000 professionals across the United States.

GroundTech logoGroundTech Solutions Ltd.

Booth #2

GroundTech Solutions® is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Geoprobe® products including direct push machines, soil sampling equipment, and direct injection remediation technologies.  GroundTech Solutions® also provides state-of-the-art field data systems such as the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) which enables real-time detection of both chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents in the subsurface. The Direct Image Soil Conductivity Probe is used for determining soil lithology and the HPT Probe (Hydraulic Profiling Tool) can be used for targeting the injection of remediation materials in the soil and groundwater.  GroundTech Solutions® also provides Cone Penetration Test (CPT) equipment using a cordless memory cone for geotechnical field data. 

NewMaxxam colour copy

Maxxam Analytics

Booth #9

Maxxam is the Canadian market leader in analytical services and solutions to the energy, environmental, food and DNA industries and a member of the Bureau Veritas Group of companies – a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services. We support critical decisions made by our customers through the application of rigorous science and the knowledge and expertise of our over 2,500 employees. Our annual Corporate Responsibility Report outlines our efforts to continually improve our business performance and practices. Its publication is an industry first and an integral part of our commitment to success with responsibility.

Oak Environmental Inc. Oak Logo

Booth #11

Oak Environmental builds solutions for the environmental, hydrogeological, geotechnical, mining and oil/gas industries. Since 1985 we have specialized in design, manufacture, distribution, installation, rental, and repair of geosciences equipment and instrumentation. Our technical expertise and comprehensive product lines provide our customers with the tools they need for field sampling, site investigations, water quality monitoring, measurement of groundwater levels, ground stability monitoring, contaminant recovery, and subsurface remediation.   “One-stop-shop” for your technical equipment needs at www.oakenviro.com  

Office of Small and Medium EnterprisesOSME

Booth #13

The Government of Canada purchases between $15-$20 billion of goods and services each year. Contact us to receive key information about how to sell to the Government of Canada that will help you: 

•        Find out whether the Government of Canada buys your good or service
•        Understand the contracting process
•        Register in supplier databases
•        Build networks and promote your business
•        Search for opportunities
•        Take advantage of the procurement information on Buyandsell.gc.ca
•        Obtain security clearances
•        Bid on opportunities
•        Learn more about the Build in Canada Innovation Program

PinePine - NEW LOGO - No Tagline copy

Booth #4

Pine is the industry leader with over 20 years of experience offering rental and sales equipment for environmental monitoring, health and safety monitoring and protection, non-destructive testing, remote visual inspection and continuous emissions monitoring. Pine also carries a full stock of consumable and personal protection equipment. With multiple locations across North America, coupled with complimentary local delivery, a broad equipment offering, company truck fleet and local equipment training, customers have come to recognize Pine as a service provider unmatched by the competition. To see Pine’s full suite of products and services, visit www.pine-environmental.com today.



Booth #12

REGENESIS is a global leader in proven and cost-effective environmental technologies for the remediation of contaminated sites.  Since 1994, the company has been developing and manufacturing a range of products that are applied directly into soil and groundwater to enhance the treatment of environmental contaminants. Many of these contaminants, which include: gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuels, heat oil, and industrial solvents have impacted the subsurface as a result of spills, leaks, and/or poor disposal practices. Worldwide, REGENESIS products have been applied at tens of thousands of sites in more than 20 countries. For more information visit www.regenesis.com.

SCG Industries Limited

SCG logo

Booth #8

SCG Industries is a remediation solutions provider to stakeholders within the Remediation Industry. SCG’s focus is on the remediation of petroleum contaminated sites, using our unique experience in remediation system design, installation, operation, and optimization. We have recently purchased a UVOST® laser induced fluorescence tool to assist in the optimization of our remediation projects. In addition, UVOST will assist our clients in providing leading edge characterization of contaminated sites.  SCG’s specialized knowledge and services have been employed on the most challenging remediation projects. SCG’s focus on innovation, system optimization and site understanding, translate directly into cost-effective results. 

TervitaTervita web logo

Booth #10

Tervita is a leading environmental solutions provider.  And your sustainability partner.

With a relentless focus on safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance, our 2,000 plus dedicated employees deliver on our value promise – minimizing impact, maximizing returns™ – for customers and partners in oil and gas, mining, industrial the community and government. 

From the start to completion of every project, our integrated earth, water, waste and resource solutions will minimize your impacts and liabilities while maximizing recovery, improving sustainability and enhancing your reputation.



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