2015 RPIC Federal Contaminated Sites Regional Workshop

June 3-4, 2015 at the Westin Edmonton
10135 100 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta


1 - Collaborative Approaches to Research and Monitoring Involving Traditional Knowledge: Lessons for Addressing Contaminated Sites PDF

2 - Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technology for High-Resolution Mapping in the High Arctic


3 - The Future of Transport Airships in Canada's Northern Logistics PDF

Stream 1A - The Giant Mine Perspective

4 - Mine Closure Design and Performance Monitoring, Nanisivik Mine, Nunavut PDF

5 - Giant Mine Remediation - The First Phase PDF

6 - Development and Implementation of Decontamination Standards for the Roaster Complex at Giant Mine PDF

7 -Establishing a Long-Term Environmental Monitoring Program for the Giant Mine Remediation Project PDF

Stream 1B - Aboriginal Perspectives

8 - Winisk Mid-Canada Line Radar Site Clean-up – Social, Logistical and Technological Issues


9 - First Nations Stakeholder Engagement and Capacity Building to Facilitate Positive Outcomes for an Ex-Situ Remediation Program at a Remote First Nations Site in Northern, BC


10 - The Engagement of Aboriginal Peoples in Contaminated Sites Decision-making PDF

11 - Environmental Assistant Training and Work Experience Program – Effecting Longer Term Benefits in Remote Communities PDF

Stream 2A - Emerging Issues

12 - Dumps, Landfills and Emerging Contaminants in the Canadian North PDF

13 - Analysis of Seasonal Active Layer Dynamics and Fate, Transport and Transformation of Three Chemical Clusters in Permafrost Affected Soils PDF

14 - For Peat's Sake: A Case for Matrix Specific Standards & Methods for Peat Characterization PDF

Stream 2B - Real-time Technology Application

15 - Respiratory Protection Level Selection for Contaminated Site Remediation Work Based on Real-Time and Rapid Turnaround Air Monitoring Methods PDF

16 - Sä Dena Hes Mine Closure: Application of XRF Technology to Delineate Metals-contaminated Soils PDF

17 - New Methods to Assess and Support Monitoring: Natural Source Zone Depletion PDF

18 -Considerations for the Use of Real-time Measurement Technologies for Expedited Site Characterization in the North PDF

Stream 3A - Lessons Learned & Guidelines

19 - Cleaning up the Former DEW Line Radar Station at Dewar Lake, Nunavut PDF

20 - Tununuk Point (BAR-C) Remediation PDF

21 - Looking Beyond the Mine Footprint – Impacts and Risks from the Associated Pine Point Rail Bed PDF

22 - Spill Response, Site Assessment and Remediation of a Significant Gasoline Release to Land, Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Challenges and Successes in the Approach to Remediation in a Remote Community in the Canadian Arctic PDF

23 - Lessons Learned in Remediating Legacy Uranium Mine and Mill Sites in Northern Saskatchewan PDF

24 - Case Study of the Remediation of the Padloping Island and FOX-E, Durban Island Sites in Nunavut PDF

Stream 3B - Long-term Monitoring

25 - The Remediation and Long Term Monitoring of Colomac Mine, NWT PDF

26 - Long-term Monitoring Approach for an Extremely Remote Site PDF

Stream 4A - Innovative Remedial Techniques

27 -Phytoremediation of Salt and Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil: An Innovative Technology for Treating Remote and Northern Sites PDF

28 - Bioremediation with Fungal Mycelia PDF

29 -In-situ Remediation of Hydrocarbon Impacted Groundwater in Permafrost Terrain at a Remote Site in the Northwest Territories PDF

Stream 4B - Site Assessment Considerations

30 -Health Risk Characterization for Intermittent and Short-term Exposures to Chemicals at Northern Sites PDF

31 -Advancements in Managing Uncertainty in Remedial Options Analysis and Remedial Action Plan Development for Northern Sites PDF

32 -Successes and challenges: An overview of ongoing assessment and remediation activities at Environment Canada's High Arctic Weather Stations PDF

33 - Programmatic Approaches to Identification and Management of Federal Sites Potentially Impacted with Perfluorinated Compounds PDF

34 -An Introduction to Biogenic Hydrocarbon Issues at Federal Contaminated Sites PDF

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