Greening the Workshop


Greening the Workshop


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§ All Departments / Operations

Le Centre Sheraton’s Green Committee oversees the development and implementation of green practices throughout the hotel.
Recycling is practiced in all areas and minimal amounts are put into landfills.
The laundry department uses Ozone in the linen cleaning formula. This reduces hot water consumption as well as the quantity of chemicals used.
Compact fluorescent light bulbs are used in all guestrooms and most public areas.
Used batteries as well as used printer cartridges are recycled.
The accounting department uses paper that is 30% recycled.
Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ Styrofoam free policy is applied throughout the hotel.
Two ChargePoint® EV (electric vehicle) charging stations have been installed in the hotel parking and are available to guests.

§ Guestroom Services and Housekeeping

All guestrooms are non smoking; recycling bins are available in all guestrooms.
In summer, when cleaning guestrooms, housekeeping attendants draw the curtains to keep out solar heat and air conditioning is turned off in unoccupied guestrooms.
Water consumption is reduced by using low-flow faucets. Water consumption is 0.5 GPM (gallon per minute) instead of 1GPM. Guestroom bathrooms are equipped with a dual flush toilet system.
Starbucks decaffeinated coffee, available in all guestrooms is fair trade coffee.

To help us conserve natural resources, guests can decline housekeeping service for the day by hanging the ¨Make a green Choice¨ card on their door before 2 a.m.. Guests can request fresh linens by placing the card on their bed and leaving towels that need to be changed on the floor. In return, the guest will be offered the choice of a $5 gift card for use at participating food and beverage outlets in our hotel or 500 SPG® Starpoints® redeemable at checkout.
Bathroom amenities are replenished every second day depending on the guest’s Usage.
All cleaning products are biodegradable.

§ Meetings

Lights in meeting areas are turned off when not in use and HVAC is either turned down or off.
Audiovisual equipment is turned off when the client leaves the meeting room. PSAV uses flip charts made of 70% recycled paper.
Recycling bins can be installed in public areas to recycle paper, plastics, metals and glass.
Paper pads and pens are placed at the entrance of the meeting room and can be available in the meeting room upon request.
We favor the usage of granite and metal banquet tables which do not require skirting. This reduces cleaning and energy consumption.
We serve organic coffee and decaf at your meetings.
Locally grown vegetables are used when available.
Organic eggs can be served at breakfast and organic breads can be used for Sandwiches
Bulk containers can replace individual packaging for condiments and pitchers can be used for milk, water, juices, etc.
Instead of pouring water in advance water pitchers can be placed on the tables during a plated meal service.
Water coolers can be rented for your drinking water requirements to replace plastic bottles.
We can provide you with +1 Water. It comes in a bottle made of a renewable resource – corn – not petrochemical bi-product.
We can eliminate saucers for all breaks to save on water consumption and minimize the usage of paper doilies.
We can provide lunch bags to replace the traditional lunch boxes. These bags are made of recycled fiber and are reusable.

§ Kitchen / Food & Beverages

Waste originating from the transformation of raw organic products as well as meat and other compostable matter is composted.

§ Restaurant / Bar

Sandwiches are wrapped in biodegradable cellulose bags.
Blue fin Tuna, Shark, Chilean Sea bass and Orange Roughy, four threatened species of fish, are no longer offered on our banquet and restaurant menus.
We serve organic coffee and decaf in our restaurant and bar.

§ Corporate Social Responsibility

Our establishment is proud to be associated with La Tablée des Chefs redistributing any leftover food from your event to a local community organization.
Furniture, sheets, certain bathroom amenities (soaps, shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners) and other hotel supplies that are no longer used, are donated to charity.

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