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April 26 - FCS Stream A

Remediation at Rock Bay

Rock Bay Remediation (Stage 3): Implementation of Sediment Clean-up Projecting Using a Design-Build Approach PDF
Design and Construction of the Rock Bay Remediation Project, Stage 3 PDF
Geotechnical Challenges Encountered on the Rock Bay Remediation Project PDF
Project Risk Monitoring During Remediation of Upland Soil and Subtidal Sediments at Rock Bay, Victoria, BC PDF
Earned Value Analysis as a Means of Proactive Project Management on Complex Remediation Projects PDF
Protecting the Public from Human Health and Nuisance Air Quality Concerns Associated with Remediation at Rock Bay PDF
BC Hydro Rock Bay Remediation Program – Approach and Challenges Remediating a Former Deep Coal Tar Well PDF


April 26 - FCS Stream B
Guidance for Using Passive Sampler Devices to Assess Federal Contaminated Sites PDF
Proper Collection of Soil Vapour Intrusion Samples for Health-based Risk Assessment Studies of Indoor Air at Contaminated Sites PDF
The Use of Innovative High-resolution Site Characterization Technologies to Improve Contaminated Site Management PDF
Proposed Sampling Methodology for Imported Aggregate Materials PDF
An Innovative Approach to Assessing Physical and Contaminant Impacts to the Aquatic Environment PDF
Evaluation of the Petroleum Vapour Intrusion Risk of Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) and 1,2 Dichloroethane (1,2 DCA) PDF
Saturated Soil Sampling and High-Resolution Source Area Characterization PDF
The Application of a Hydrological Model to Optimize Mitigation Strategies at 5 CDSB Gagetown PDF
Development of Interim CCME PCB Soil Quality Guidelines for Missing Pathways Of Exposure for the Protection of Human Health and Ecological Receptors PDF
New Tier 1 Boron Guideline for Alberta PDF
Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sediment Quality Guidelines: Applying the Atlantic Provinces’ Guidelines Across Canada PDF


April 26 - FCS Stream C
Remediation of an Former Landfill in Species-at-Risk Habitat PDF
Growing Plants Using Treated Leachate Water PDF
Phytoremediation of Salt and Hydrocarbon Impacted Soils Using Biochar Augmentation; the Implications of Salt Tolerance Mechanisms PDF
Salinity Mitigation for Potash Mine Sites in Saskatchewan NA
Advanced Radiological Scanning and Sorting of CNL’s Whiteshell Laboratories Experimental Cesium Pond Effluent Soils PDF
Successful On-site Bioremediation of Fuel-Contaminated Soil at CFS-Alert PDF
Permeable Reactive Barrier System to Protect a Water Stream from Potential Impact by LNAPL Intrusion PDF
In-situ Chemical Oxidation Test to Remediate a Dissolved Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Plume: Results, Conclusions and Future Directions PDF
Harnessing Wind Power for Remediation via Soil Vapour Extraction in Remote Areas PDF-1
Bioremediation of Urban Soils Polluted with Unconventional Petroleum in the Canadian Context PDF
Sustainable Phytoremediation of Hydrocarbon Impacted Soils Using Biochar Augmentation PDF

April 26 - FCS Stream D
Accounting for Environmental Liabilities in the Public Accounts of Canada PDF
Estimating Liability for Contaminated Sites – The City of Vancouver’s Approach to PSAB 3260 PDF
Advances in PFC Investigation and Remediation PDF
Best Practices for Managing PFAS Associated with AFFF PDF
Developments in Remediation of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances PDF
Military Unique Constituents: How to Overcome High Spatial Heterogeneity PDF
Fluorochemicals in AFFF Contaminated Sites: Environmental Fate, Toxicity and Treatment PDF
The Discovery of Emerging Contaminants at a Site Approaching Remedial Action Completion PDF
Overview of Ecological Risk Assessment Guidance for the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan PDF
FCSAP Guidance on the Management of LNAPL Sites PDF
New Guidance for Addressing and Managing Federal Aquatic Contaminated Sites in Working Harbours PDF


April 27 - FCS Stream E
A Technology Platform to Harness Speed and Certainty in Groundwater PDF
Combined Remedy Approach Optimizes Contaminated Site Clean-up as Measured in Time, Cost and Sustainability PDF
Giant Mine Remediation Project PDF
Planning a Complex Remediation and Mine Closure PDF
Giant Mine Remediation Project – Consultation and Engagement in Project Planning PDF
Challenges Associated with Construction Management at a Complex Mine Remediation Project in Northern Canada PDF
Recommendations for Stakeholder Consultation in Moving Forward on the Risk Assessment for Giant Mine PDF
Establishing an Environment Health and Safety and Community Management System for the Giant Mine Remediation Project PDF
Innovative Process for Stabilizing the Subsurface at the Giant Mine Site PDF
Engineering Controls to Mitigate High-Risk Physical Hazards PDF
Containing Arsenic Trioxide Dust Underground Using a Freeze Method at Giant Mine PDF


April 27 - FCS Stream F
Assessing the Potential for Toxic Effects on Sensitive Aquatic Habitat Following a Coal Train Derailment PDF
New Monitoring Initiatives to Inform Aquatic Contaminated Site Assessment and Management in Coastal British Columbia – PollutionTracker and Salish Sea Ambien PDF
The Mutagenic and Carcinogenic Hazards of Complex Polycyclic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Mixtures in Contaminated Soils and Other Complex Matrices PDF
Uptake of Metals from Contaminated Soils into Berries PDF
Characterizing Uncertainty of the Exposure Point Concentration Based on Left-censored Data PDF
Collaborative Project Management for Successful High Arctic Site Assessment, Nunavut PDF-1
Contaminated Soil Management Plan Based on Risks for a Site with Limited Access: La Grande-Île de Kamouraska PDF-1
Landslide Risk Assessment of a Tailings Pile at an Abandoned Mine Considering Potential of Seismicity, Tsunami Waves, Liquefaction and Rainfall to Cause Large-scale Erosion PDF
Established a Successful Framework for Risk Assessment of a Large Industrial Naval Base, Dockyard, CFB Esquimalt, Victoria, BC PDF
Ecological Risk Assessment of Amphibians: Biological Field Studies as Lines of Evidence PDF
Managing Risk at Northern Contaminated Sites: Differentiating Assessment-derived Uncertainty from Risk Assessment Conservatism in Remedial Action Planning PDF


April 26 - FCS Stream G
Contaminant Loading to Marine Sediment – Stormwater Inputs to Marine Sediments in Esquimalt Harbour, CFB Esquimalt PDF
Environmental Management Strategies for a Slope Stabilization Project PDF
Sweet & Sour: A Unique Case Study of Orphaned Well Abandonments in the Northwest Territories PDF
Great Slave Lake Remediation Project – Application of Innovative Remediation, Restoration and Community Engagement Approaches PDF
Spill Response, Site Assessment and Remediation of a Significant Gasoline Release to Land, Resolute Bay, Nunavut – Challenges and Successes in the Approach to Remediation in a Remote Community in the Canadian Arctic PDF
Effective Remediation of Gun Propellant Residues in Surface Soils Using Commercially Available Asphalt Heaters PDF
Pilot-Testing on Thermal Enhanced SVE of Mercury in Soil and Bedrock under an Ongoing Chloro-Alkali Plant PDF
Remediation of Groundwater Contamination of Ogoniland PDF
Jet Grouting – Innovative Environmental Applications: In-situ Mixing and Cut Off Wall Applications PDF
The Randle Reef Sediment Remediation Project: Redesign and Supporting Studies PDF
A Hydrostratigraphic and Geochemical Data-driven Approach to the Development of a Conceptual Site Model for the Analysis and Selection of Remedial Options at a FCSAP DNAPL Site – A Case Study PDF


April 27 - FCS Stream H
Challenges and Lessons from Tundra Mine Remediation Project Circa 2014/15 PDF
Use of a Risk-based Approach to Develop a Workplan for the Faro Mine Remediation Project PDF
Developing an Effective Project Management Plan: Esquimalt Harbour Remediation Project PDF
Federal Contaminated Sites Program Management in Times of Transition PDF
Are We Overlooking the Psychosocial Impacts of Contaminated Sites During HHRAs? A First Nations’ Perspective in Support of the Concepts of Sustainable Development PDF
St Michael Residential School: Healing and Reconciliation Through Remediation PDF
Demystifying Communication 101 – First Nations Interaction: How “We’ve” Got it Wrong... PDF
Complex Phase II and III ESA – Knowledge and Experience Working with Aboriginal Groups PDF
Role of the Independent Engineer in Major Projects PDF
Leveraging Private Sector Engagement in Contaminated Sites Management PDF
Lessons Learned in the Implementation of a 15-year PPP Contract PDF

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