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April 26 - SustRem Stream 2
Gathering and Analyzing Stakeholders’ Opinion for Mine Remediation Using a Web-based Multi-Criteria Analysis Tool
Developing a Novel Sustainable Remediation Approach for Portland, Oregon Sediment Site
Integrating the Social Element in Remedial Decision-Making: State of the Practice and Way Forward (A SuRF Initiative)
Surf Italy: Stakeholder Engagement as a Key Element for Sustainable Principles Implementation in Contaminated Site Management
What is Efficient Remediation and How Can it be Measured?


April 27 - SustRem Stream 3
Why Do We Need an International Standard on Sustainable Remediation When We Could Go SuRFing Instead?
Embedding Sustainability in a Remediation Scheme: A Former Tar Distillery, United Kingdom
A Critical Review of Completed and Emerging Best Management Practices in Sustainable Brownfield Redevelopment
Setting a New Standard for Corporate Conservation: Turning Remediation Sites into Assets
Co-composting: A Sustainable Solution to Soil Impacted by Hydrocarbons
Sustainable Solutions: Practical Approaches for Conducting Site Investigation, Managing Risk and Achieving Closure for Large Portfolio of Contaminated Sites
Brantford, Ontario’s Greenwich Mohawk Site – Green Remediation of a 20-Hectare Site
Municipal Innovation in Brownfield Remediation
Innovative Use of a Sustainability Tool and Challenges for Stakeholder and Aboriginal Engagement on a Complex Remediation Project
How Can We Improve Stakeholder Engagement in International Regions?

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