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April 26 - FCS Stream B
Saturated Soil Sampling and High-Resolution Source Area Characterization
The Application of a Hydrological Model to Optimize Mitigation Strategies at 5 CDSB Gagetown
Development of Interim CCME PCB Soil Quality Guidelines for Missing Pathways Of Exposure for the Protection of Human Health and Ecological Receptors
New Tier 1 Boron Guideline for Alberta
Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sediment Quality Guidelines: Applying the Atlantic Provinces’ Guidelines Across Canada


April 26 - FCS Stream C
Remediation of an Former Landfill in Species-at-Risk Habitat
Growing Plants Using Treated Leachate Water


April 26 - FCS Stream D
Accounting for Environmental Liabilities in the Public Accounts of Canada
Estimating Liability for Contaminated Sites – The City of Vancouver’s Approach to PSAB 3260
Advances in PFC Investigation and Remediation
Best Practices for Managing PFAS Associated with AFFF
Developments in Remediation of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances


April 26 - FCS Stream G
Contaminant Loading to Marine Sediment – Stormwater Inputs to Marine Sediments in Esquimalt Harbour, CFB Esquimalt
Environmental Management Strategies for a Slope Stabilization Project
Sweet & Sour: A Unique Case Study of Orphaned Well Abandonments in the Northwest Territories
Great Slave Lake Remediation Project – Application of Innovative Remediation, Restoration and Community Engagement Approaches
Spill Response, Site Assessment and Remediation of a Significant Gasoline Release to Land, Resolute Bay, Nunavut – Challenges and Successes in the Approach to Remediation in a Remote Community in the Canadian Arctic
Effective Remediation of Gun Propellant Residues in Surface Soils Using Commercially Available Asphalt Heaters
Pilot-Testing on Thermal Enhanced SVE of Mercury in Soil and Bedrock under an Ongoing Chloro-Alkali Plant

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