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Metro Toronto Convention Centre 
255 Front St West, North Building, Toronto Ontario 
June 13-15, 2018 

June 14 @ 10:10 am June 14 @ 1:10 pmJune 14 @ 3:10 pmJune 15 @ 10:10 amJune 15 @ 1:10 pmJune 15 @ 3:10 pm
How Integrated Technology Can Enable Decision-making at Federal Contaminated Sites
Gus Sukkurwala, Stantec

The objective of this FedTalk is to discuss the challenge of accessing, managing, maintaining, sharing, transferring, and protecting knowledge and how technology can be used as an enabler to overcome these challenges. The presentation will engage the audience through a live demonstration of a knowledge management portal (KMP), and by citing real life examples of projects and testimonies from users. The demonstration will enable audience members to see how the KMP could be relevant to their daily activities and long-term project objectives.
Challenges of Treating PAH Compounds to Low Limits
Jason Downey, newterra ltd.

The objective of this FedTalk is to present the audience with a solution to treat a challenging site with high concentrations of highly regulated polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

The presentation will include a bench test simulation on an inert water sample to simulate the treatment process to give the audience an opportunity to observe the effects each treatment step has on the water stream.
Visualizing Natural and Enhanced Attenuation of PFAS
Grant Carey1 and Steve Livingstone2
1Porewater Solutions
2GeoCentric Environmental

The objective of this FedTalk is to help the audience to understand how this unique visualization method can simplify assessments and demonstrations of where biodegradation is occurring in groundwater. The focus of this presentation is on sites with chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, or PFAS in groundwater.

This modified radial diagram method improves the clarity of monitored natural attenuation and enhanced in-situ biodegradation analyses, and substantially reduces the number of figures needed to review chemical trends. The visual aids prepared using this method improve the ability of non-technical audiences to see the effects of natural and enhanced bioremediation in groundwater.
Build in Canada Innovation Program – Bringing New Innovations to Government Operations
Manny Argiropoulos, Public Works and Government Services Canada

The objective of this FedTalk is to provide an overview of the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) and explain how government employees can leverage innovations to solve current challenges. BCIP will give a brief overview of its program and educate attendees on how to access new cutting-edge innovations.

By participating, departments can: boost Canada’s business sector by helping Canadian innovators bring their innovations to market; solve challenges, fill specific needs and increase efficiency; test and use the latest cutting-edge innovations in Canada at no direct cost; and, promote innovation in Canada.
Big Data and Mixed Reality: The Future of Conceptual Site Models has Arrived
Jan Abbott, Arcadis Canada Inc.

The objective of this FedTalk is to offer participants an opportunity to experience and interact with holographic, digital conceptual site models (CSM) using HoloLens, with an app-based CSMs, and with 3D CSMs in dynamic PDFs.

The FedTalk will include the presentation of a 3D groundwater plume model(s) using augmented reality, applications, and dynamic PDFs to demonstrate the benefits of visualizing, interacting, commenting and sharing CSMs in 3D/4D. Digital CSMs represent a revolution in how we interpret, communicate and report contaminated sites.
Technological Advances for Cloud-based Site Monitoring
Wayne Ingham, BluMetric Environmental

The objective of this FedTalk is to demonstrate how technology and telemetry provide a very cool and effective alternative for monitoring post remediation.

Examples will be presented where remote monitoring installations at remediated contaminated sites are showing very promising results towards significantly reducing project cost and inherent risk to the staff and project team.

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