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2022 Forum on the Workplace 
The Flexible Workplace: Equip. Embrace. Excel.
(Webinar Series)

The RPIC Forum on the Workplace programming focuses on creating clarity around critical workplace issues in the federal Real Property community.

Mark Your Calendar!

Session 1: June 14, 2022
Session 2: September 14, 2022
Session 3: December 7, 2022

Session 1: Equip
This session will EQUIP Real Property professionals with evidence-based strategies for the transition to a hybrid workforce and the re-occupancy of our workplaces.

Session 2: Embrace
Get ready to experiment with our industry leaders in building a meaningful, welcoming workplace that employees can EMBRACE. 

Session 3: Excel
Join us for a reflection on the challenges, experiments, and successes of the past, and look forward to the creation of hybrid environments that will allow workers to EXCEL. 

Registration is now open! Click here to read more and register for these sessions.

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