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IMG 0010Sabrina Whyatt was born and raised in St. Carol’s, a tiny fishing community on the Great Northern Peninsula. Straight out of high school, she studied journalism at Westviking College in Stephenville, and throughout her career she worked in various roles as a newspaper reporter, editor, publisher, and broadcast journalist. In the late nineties, Sabrina surprised everyone when she ventured on a new career path, working as a deckhand on her father’s 52-foot longliner, alongside him, and his brothers. At that time, she also worked as a broadcast journalist with NTV. Every summer she was granted an unpaid leave of absence by the television network to go crab fishing. Sabrina eventually left her career in journalism to focus on her fishing career. She went back to college and earned a Class 4 Fishing Masters, which made her an official sea captain, and she was part of the first-ever graduating class of the new Technical Certificate in Fish Harvesting Program at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University. She went on to purchase her father’s fishing enterprise as well as additional licenses, eventually combining them into one larger enterprise, thus carving her own place in the Newfoundland and Labrador fishery. Sabrina has also served as a board member for the Canadian Centre For Fisheries Innovation.

Throughout her successful careers in journalism and in the fishery, Sabrina has simultaneously pursued her passion for music. Sabrina is a singer, songwriter, and three-time recording artist. Sabrina’s music can be heard on country music radio stations across Canada and in the US. Sabrina’s life as a singer and fisherwoman was documented in a television show called Sabrina Whyatt – Blazing Trails, that aired on NTV. She has also been featured on CBC, CMT, and in Chatelaine Magazine, and has graced the cover of The Newfoundland Herald several times. In 2013, Flanker Press published Sabrina’s autobiography, The Woman I Am.

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