Site tour!

On May 6 (post Workshop) you will have the opportunity to participate in one of three full-day site tours. These interactive tours will be hands-on professional development training opportunities.

Site Tour Registration – $225.00 + HST
Fee includes transportation and lunch.

Each of the three tours is a full day (8:30 am – 6:30 pm). The tours all start and end at the Delta St. John’s Hotel.

Space for each tour will be limited to 48 people. As seating will be limited, these tours will only be available to Workshop participants.


Tour Options and Details

Tour A - St. John’s Research Facilities
  • National Research Council - Ocean, Coastal and Rivers Engineering Facility -
  • C-Core Geotechnical Centrifuge and Ice-related Research Facilities (TBC)
  • Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University -
    • Centre for Applied Ocean Technology
    • Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development
    • Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research
    • Centre for Marine Simulation
    • Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources


Tour B – Industrial Facilities
  • Port of Argentia - Key activity at the moment includes the graving dock where Husky Energy is constructing a concrete gravity supported oil production platform for the West White Rose project.
  • Canadian Coast Guard Marine Communications and Traffic Centre
  • Newfoundland Transshipment Terminal, Whiffen Head


Tour C – Fishing Harbours
Hosted by Small Craft Harbours, Fisheries and Oceans Canada. 
DFO Small Craft Harbours Tour Presentation click here to download.
  • Port de Grave. Visit the office of the Harbour Authority of Port de Grave, meet board members, and walk along the waterfront to observe fishermen preparing for the upcoming season.
  • Drive by fishing harbours of Harbour Grace, Carbonear and Ochre Pit Cove.
  • Harbour Authority of Old Perlican - Visit harbour authority office and waterfront which includes Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Station and numerous fishermen preparing for the upcoming season.
  • Bay de Verde. Visit harbour to observe fishermen preparing for the upcoming season. Site of the largest snow crab production facility in the world operated by Quinlan Brothers Ltd.



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