2016 MI National Workshop



The Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) is pleased to invite you to its second Marine Infrastructure National Workshop, which will be held in Quebec City from February 2-3, 2016.

This Workshop is unique in Canada and aims to position itself as Canada's national forum on marine infrastructure development and management. It is a forum focused on strengthening marine expertise and knowledge, promoting innovation and best practices, as well as providing a platform for strategic thinking and discussion on the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry. The ultimate goal is to support Canada's economic prosperity by supporting the development of its maritime industry and its global competitiveness.

The first Workshop in 2014 drew a portrait of the Canadian marine industry and presented its main stakeholders and challenges. This second Workshop will offer in-depth analysis of specific technical and operational issues affecting marine infrastructure, while addressing strategic issues such as investment, governance and long-term planning.

The 2016 program will dedicate two days to presentations and panel discussions on the following topics:

  1. Marine Project Planning: needs, expectations and capabilities
  2. Marine Infrastructure Design: technology, innovation and limitations
  3. Marine Construction: practice, technology and case studies
  4. Management of Marine Assets: keeping infrastructure functional and operational

The Workshop will also address other topics of interest such as the issue of marine infrastructure accessibility, the limitations imposed by regulatory authorities, as well as reviews and analysis related to marine infrastructure from the scientific community.

In order to optimize our activities related to marine infrastructure and improve the level of services, an open session will also be organized featuring those within industries that use port terminals (fleet operators, cruises, terminal operators, fishing industry, etc.) in order to share their needs, expectations and development perspectives with participants.

The 2016 Organizing Committee is very proud to welcome you to Quebec City, a World Heritage Site, with its rich history of over 400 years. Quebec City is a maritime hub with a strong dynamism and very promising growth prospects.

We hope you will join us and contribute to the success of the second RPIC Marine Infrastructure National Workshop!

Bienvenue à la Ville de Québec! 

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