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GRIFFIN Engineered Systems


GRIFFIN Engineered Systems, Inc. provides application-specific systems and services to Canada’s Marine and Energy sectors.
Together with our international manufacturing partners, we deliver best value systems and support services to Canada’s leading engineering consultants, facility operators, general contractors, and end-users. From design and specification support; to supply, install, and commissioning services, our experience and expertise will help to ensure the success of your construction, maintenance, and upgrades projects.
Our equipment and service offering includes:
Marine Fender Systems; Mooring and Berthing Systems; Rehabilitation and Corrosion Protection for Submerged Steel Sheet Pile Systems; Corrosion Control for Structural Steel Piles in the Marine Splash Zone; Energy Efficient High Mast - Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) Systems; Environmental Protection and Response Systems; Composite Marine Construction Products; and Aids to Navigation Equipment.



DAVTEC Marine Inc.


DAVTEC Marine Inc. is a Canadian company involved in the supply of port infrastructure equipment and oil spill response solutions. Our products are engineered on a project basis with manufacturing proceeding from final approval of our engineering submittals. As such, we rely on the stringent quality standards and controls as set out from our very reputable supply partners.

DAVTEC Marine have developed Canadian agencies for a select number of international manufacturers. We work closely and directly with those manufacturers and their factories on an exclusivity basis and market and promote their products to our Canadian clients. Our client and supplier relationships are built on trust and quality and are long standing for that reason.

DAVTEC Marine has over 55 years of combined experience in delivering marine fenders and mooring solutions, oil spill response equipment, water barriers and buoys, ships' deck equipment, salvage and wreck removal tools, aids to navigation and marine contractor supplies.. We take pride in our high quality equipment, timely deliveries and excellent before and after-sales services. We support many major design consultants and emergency response planners in the marine industry to further their engineering efforts. 
Exclusively representing , Shibata/Fender Team, Marine Fenders Intl., Washington Chain Inc. Elastec Inc. Norlense AS, Corrosion Control International, Rolyan Buoys, Automatic Power Inc., Vega Industries, Ibersisa SA, Lee Composites and MIKO Marine.
DAVTEC have offices in St. John’s, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.

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Geophysics GPR International Inc.

Geophysical studies, R&D and surveys - Marine, Ground and Airborne in civil, mining and petroleum engineering.
The Marine geophysics services of Geophysics GPR are routinely applied to marine construction projects, hydroelectric projects and marine safety. A full range of marine geophysical techniques are offered, including bathymetry, side scan sonar, swath bathymetry & side scan sonar and marine seismic techniques such as sub-bottom profiling, current and tide measurements, sediment and water sampling, underwater imaging and magnetometry.

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