2015 RP National Workshop


Transformation: The Path to Success

On behalf of the Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) Board of Directors and the Planning Committee, we are pleased to welcome all participants to this premier National Workshop. This is an excellent learning and networking opportunity for federal real property professionals to interact with our many partners from other levels of government, academia and the private sector.

The Workshop program has been designed to provide the latest in innovation, best practices and strategies to help delegates respond to the current challenges facing all involved in the management of the federal government’s multi-billion dollar asset base. The theme of this year’s Workshop, Transformation: The Path to Success, focuses on the evolving processes, performance indicators and techniques throughout industry, and the transformation of the people within the government and industry as new skill requirements emerge and new approaches to partnership management are explored.

Industry experts will share their knowledge and experience through concurrent sessions in the following streams: Managing Partnerships, Portfolio and Program Planning, and Lessons Learned from Complex Projects.

In order to ensure government real property assets are managed efficiently and effectively and to meet the always-increasing demands on real property, transformation is under way in several fronts. Delivery of real property services will require more innovative solutions to increase the private sector’s participation. You will hear success stories where conventions were challenged, risks embraced and expectations exuded because of transformation of ideas, processes and people.

You will also hear about changes to and the future of key government initiatives and policy and program developments.

With the outstanding support of our senior leaders in the federal government you will also have the opportunity to learn about, and be inspired by, the exceptional work that is being undertaken and their vision for the future.

A special thank you to our many Workshop partners for ensuring the continued success of this important professional development initiative.

We hope to see everyone at this year's Welcome Reception being held at the Mill St. Brew Pub on November 17, 2015. Open to all!


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