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Booth # 39 - Carrier Enterprise Canada L.P. / Entreprise Carrier Canada L.P.

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Carrier Enterprise is the one stop location for the best HVACR equipment brands, aftermarket parts & supplies, service, expertise and technology in the industry. CE is part of the largest HVACR Distribution network in North America.

Our network of highly-trained HVACR experts are focused on providing technical proficiency, exceptional customer satisfaction and efficient solutions to meet all needs, with many locations to serve you coast to coast.

In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner and Carrier has been the premier brand of HVAC equipment ever since. From residential replacement, new construction to high end commercial, CE provides superior availability, competitive pricing, marketing and post-sale consumer support to valued authorized partners.


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reed is an IoT service connecting traditional plumbing systems to owners and operators in mid market commercial properties, unlocking $5-$20k savings per year. Essentially it is hardware that connects plumbing fixtures (valves, water meters, flood detectors, etc.) to a SaaS overlay. 

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reed est un service connectant les systèmes de plomberie traditionnels aux propriétaires et aux exploitants de propriétés commerciales, permettant de réaliser des économies de 5 à 20 000 dollars par an. Il s’agit essentiellement d'un équipement qui relie les appareils de plomberie (vannes, compteurs d’eau, détecteurs d’inondation, etc.) à une interface SaaS.


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From the ground up, the RYCOM team creates, deploys and manages the advanced solutions and integrated infrastructure needed to optimize and future-proof Smart buildings and portfolios. To prepare your property to adopt, transform and evolve with new technology, RYCOM delivers the Smart Property solutions you need today for a Smarter tomorrow.

Find out how our full suite of integrated Smart solutions delivers the precision, protection and performance properties and portfolios need to succeed right now-with the right foundation for the future.

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L’équipe de RYCOM s’occupe de tout : création, mise en œuvre et gestion des solutions avancées et des infrastructures intégrées qu’il vous faut pour optimiser vos bâtiments et vos portefeuilles intelligents, et les préparer pour l’avenir. RYCOM permet à votre propriété de s’adopter, de se transformer et d’évoluer avec les nouvelles technologies, en vous livrant les solutions de bâtiment qu’il vous faut aujourd’hui pour entrer dans le monde intelligent de demain.

Découvrez comment notre gamme complète de solutions intelligentes intégrées offre la précision, la protection et l’efficacité dont les bâtiments et les portefeuilles ont besoin aujourd’hui et jeter les bases pour un avenir radieux.


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Morgan Solar is a Canadian technology innovator and manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in light-concentration, solar tracking, and controls. The company’s mission is to make solar energy the most widely used and affordable power source in the world. Morgan Solar has developed the SPOTlight BIPV platform to offer customized daylight and energy management solutions for high performance buildings, including generating energy, reducing heat and glare, and integrated architectural lighting.


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Booth #60  - Eco- Growth Environmental Inc.
Facebook: Eco-Growth Environmental Inc.

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Eco-Growth Environmental Inc. is a Calgary-based technology company focused on providing GREEN initiatives and solutions to environmental challenges through the development of innovate, sustainable technology.

We are determined to manage our activities with the view to prevent or mitigate harmful effects on nature and our natural resources. The principle of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is a core value that guides not only our business lives but personal lives as well. As a company and individually we are devoted to leaving a clean and green legacy for future generations of Canadians, by creating a controlled environment in which to reduce the volume of our waste stream.


Booth #28  - Enbridge Gas Inc.

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Coming soon. 


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QMC leads the industry in intelligent submetering solutions. We provide options to help building owners and occupants conserve energy and save money through the submetering, billing and cost allocation of a building's utilities: electric, water, thermal, gas and steam. QMC offers meter data analysis through our desktop and mobile friendly reporting platform MeterConnex. We provide developers, facility managers, and building owners actionable reports, bills and advanced algorithms to identify problems in near real-time. Vancouver based with offices across North America, QMC has the expertise to design, install and help you manage your utilities.


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The Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC), was founded in 2016 by a diverse group of Real Estate and Corporate leaders. This is an industry driven council focused on creating awareness, collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies including energy efficiency and renewable power solutions that will transform the built environment across Canada. Membership categories exist for many different industries including; Associations, Suppliers, Utilities, Government, Academia and more.

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GeoSource Energy is an energy company focused on Sustainability, using Geothermal (Ground Source) technology. Our dedication to innovation, quality installation & workmanship of our loop fields offers a sustainable and renewable energy source balanced with a short-term payback through significantly lower operating costs. We collaborate with institutional and commercial partners to deliver proven systems which provide high-end living and working comfort, with a cost similar to a standard HVAC investment. “We harness the power of the earth.”


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Imagine recommissioning your building every 2 minutes. 
Ecopilot® is an artificial intelligence system that integrates with existing building management systems. It utilizes real-time indoor data, 5-day weather forecasts and an in-depth knowledge of the thermodynamics of buildings to automatically and continuously optimize BMS set points and intelligently coordinate heating, ventilation and cooling system operations. The system delivers reduced HVAC costs by up to 40%, lower CO2 emissions and most importantly, does this while improving the internal climate of the building. Ecopilot® is like an army of energy engineers driving your building management system 24/7.


Booth #12 -Trane
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For more than 100 years Trane has been making buildings better. And we plan to continue by... Going beyond the building. Trane offers customers the solutions to unleash the potential of their building knowing that they are an important component of our society and they impact the sustainability of our world. Our building professionals go beyond the data and beyond the individual components and systems to maximize the building’s performance.


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Peak Power designs advanced software solutions for the modern energy market. The Peak Synergy™ platform optimizes the operation of buildings, as well as distributed energy assets such as battery energy storage, electric vehicles, and solar power.


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Booth #58 - The Mohawk Group
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Believe in Better. It’s our commitment to you. It’s our relationship with you—how our entire company is designed to support you at every step of your journey.

There’s the quality of design that takes your project to a different level than you may have thought possible.The innovation that solves challenges before you even knew about them. The mandate of sustainability in every product and every choice we make. The project solutions that help you determine and deliver precisely what you need. The fact that we run every aspect of our company to help you exceed expectations on every project, every time. 


Booth #34 - Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) 

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coming soon. 



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