ADM Champion's Letter

A Message From Our ADM Champion

kevin radford


It is my pleasure to write to you in my new role as ADM Champion for the Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) at such an exciting time as the reach of RPIC continues to grow, thanks to your enthusiasm and interest, and the steadfast efforts of the RPIC leadership.

Your continued participation at RPIC is particularly important now as rapidly evolving technologies, shifting socio-economic realities, and changing public expectations are having a profound impact on real property. This dynamic environment requires real property professionals to navigate through highly-interconnected and complex systems that demand new ways of doing things, as well as new competencies to keep pace with best practice.

In this context, our community is our greatest strength. It is through this community that we can actively engage in dialogue to make strategic contributions to the goals of our respective organizations, and continue to shape and reshape the understanding of our practice. As a progressive platform, RPIC plays a crucial role in bringing our community together, and leveraging professional capacity, innovative and forward-looking approaches, and sharing of best practice.

I encourage you to participate in the workshops, training sessions, and events that RPIC offers so that collectively, we can foster the highest professional standard for real property management in the federal public service.


Diane Orange
Assistant Deputy Minister, Horizontal Fixed Asset Review, Office of the Comptroller General
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat / Government of Canada

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