ADM Champion's Letter


A Message From Our ADM Champion

kevin radford

Dear RPIC Community,

I am pleased to introduce myself as the new ADM Champion for the Real Property Institute of Canada, and to be joining the institute in my new role at such an exciting and promising time.

It is my great privilege to serve as your champion. I was appointed Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer of the National Research Council Canada in January 2017. In this capacity, I have overseen the operations of the Finance and Procurement Services, Client Service Centre, Real Property and Planning and Management, Communications, Health, Safety and the Environment as well as Security branches.

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to my predecessor in this role, Diane Orange, who did an amazing job of representing RPIC’s interests and identifying our community’s professional development needs. She was instrumental in establishing RPIC as the recognized training organization of choice for the real property community.

In recent years, our profession has been gaining profile and recognition. Leaders in public and private enterprise continue to see the impact of real property, not just on the bottom line, but in terms of employee productivity, meeting strategic goals, navigating the future of work in the post-pandemic, and myriad other areas that define the way we work, interact, and deliver services to Canadians.

That said, we must recognize that an increased profile comes with the obligation to up our game. I know that we are all up to the challenge. In order to excel, we will have to step out of our comfort zones and not take for granted the culture and modes of operation that defined the old ways of doing business.

We need to keep one question in mind as we move into 2022: how can we as a community better position ourselves as strategic partners, not just in program support, but in meeting broader critical policy objectives for the decades ahead?

We need to tell our story with evidence, with facts, with passion, and with confidence. We must understand and predict the needs of others and continue to evaluate the impacts of our work on the people we serve. And we must build new competencies, professionalize and diversify our community, and truly think horizontally as we position real property at the intersection of other supporting functions, such as human resources and IT.

I am confident that working together, we will be able to achieve these goals in the years ahead. I look forward to what the future brings, and am optimistic that the real property profession will continue to adapt and thrive as times change.


Dale MacMillan
Vice-President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer
National Research Council