Terms of Reference

Key responsibilities of the ADM Champion for RPIC are to:

  • Serve on the ADM Circle of Champions for RPIC;
  • Promote RPIC and the professionalism and effectiveness of the disciplines of real property management amongst ADM and senior level peers within the federal public sector;
  • Support and promote the Institute in its mandate of developing and fostering a high professional standard of real property management within the federal public sector, whereby providing a forum for information exchange and continuous improvement; and,
  • Promote RPIC's workshops, events and activities amongst ADM and senior level peers with in the federal public sector.

Expectations from the ADM Champion in support of the Real Property Institute of Canada are to:

  • Foster media attention by preparing articles for various print and electronic publications;
  • Seek support and participation from ADM and senior level peers for RPIC's professional development activities;
  • Invite ADM's to the Award and Recognition Dinners;
  • Facilitate ADM-level panel discussions held during the Workshops on topics to be selected by the ADM Champion;
  • Address Workshop delegates; and,
  • Participate on the RPIC Real Property Awards Selection Committee.

Expectations from the Real Property Institute of Canada to support the ADM Champion:

  • Prepare promotional and communication collateral for the real property community;
  • Prepare communication material to ADMs and senior level peers;
  • Coordinate logistical requirements for the Workshops, Award and Recognition Dinners and ADM panel discussions; and,
  • Assist in the preparation of speeches and remarks for the Workshops.

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