I. Community Outreach Portfolio


The Community Outreach Portfolio strives to promote and recognize the professionalism and important contribution of the federal real property community across Canada. The committee provides the Institute and its members with:

  • A forum for information exchange and enhanced communication across the real property community;
  • Coordination and recognition of individual and group best practices which contribute to the efficient and effective management of the federal real property portfolio through the RPIC Awards and Recognition program; and,
  • By raising awareness of the Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) with officials from all levels of government, academia and private sector organizations with similar interests.


The Community Outreach Portfolio will:

  • Maintain and expand the community of practice of real property practitioners across Canada;
  • Foster bilateral communication between national and regional real property representatives;
  • Promote RPIC through the use of its website and eZINE;
  • Develop partnerships with academic institutions and affiliated organizations in the public and private sectors;
  • Seek opportunities to inform those who influence and/or develop federal government policies, regulations and legislations for the federal government real property group and those who are impacted by the rules and regulations governing the federal real property profession;
  • Promote the professionalism and effectiveness of the disciplines of real property management within the public sector;
  • Acknowledge the contributions made by individuals and teams in setting a high standard and contributing to the real property field through innovation, achievement, quality, and leadership;
  • Acknowledge service and outstanding contribution to the federal real property community or field; and,
  • Enhance the profile of the Real Property Institute of Canada.

Roles and responsibilities

The Committee strives to fulfill its mandate through the following activities:

  • Develop and manage an annual work plan as approved by the Board of Directors complete with scope, budget, timelines, key outcomes and monthly updates on Community Development and Outreach;
  • Facilitate dialogue and cooperation with senior officials from the academic sector, public and private sectors, outline RPIC's mandate and ensure regular communication and partnership arrangements;
  • Develop an awareness campaign including types of collateral components, identification of target groups, messages for specific target groups, and desired results from each internal/external stakeholder group;
  • Develop and produce collateral material to promote RPIC, including all print and e-communication;
  • Manage the RPIC website to ensure posting of timely and relevant information and enhance existing web services;
  • Develop a needs assessment survey, manage its distribution and produce a report on findings;
  • Establish a Regional Coordinators Working Group to enhance two-way communication;
  • Manage the production of regular eZINEs, including content development (articles and advertisements);
  • Produce a Community Development and Outreach Committee Report for inclusion in the RPIC Annual Report; and,
  • Manage and keep account of a current distribution list.




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