The Website Committee (a Committee within the Community Outreach Portfolio) strives to communicate and promote the professionalism and important events and activities and contributions of the federal real property community across Canada. The Committee provides the Institute and its members with:

  • A forum for information exchange and enhanced communication across the real property community.


The Website Committee will:

  • A vehicle to raise awareness of the Real Property Institute of Canada and all related events;
  • Serve as the central location for featuring current and relevant issues and activities pertinent to the real property community;
  • Promote the professionalism and effectiveness of the disciplines of RPIC and the real property community;
  • Acknowledge the contributions made by individuals and teams in setting a high standard and contributing to the real property field through innovation, achievement, quality, and leadership; and,
  • Enhance the profile of the Real Property Institute of Canada.

Roles and responsibilities

The Committee strives to fulfill its mandate through the following activities:

  • Develop and manage an annual work plan as approved by the Board of Directors complete with scope, budget, timelines, key outcomes and monthly updates on the Website Committee;
  • Manage the website to ensure posting of timely and relevant information and enhance existing web services; and,
  • Promote RPIC and the Institute's events.





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