IV. Governance and Nomination Portfolio


The purpose of the Governance and Nomination Committee (under the Governance and Nomination Portfolio) is to ensure RPIC has and continues to have an appropriate governance model in place, to propose new members to the Board, to co-ordinate evaluations of the Board and its Committees and to ensure compliance of the Directors and the Institute/Event Management Company with policies, procedures and contract terms and conditions.


The Governance and Nominating Committee is to:

  • Ensure the governance model and processes support the effective management, operation and activities of the Institute;
  • Ensure all Board members are provided with RPIC corporate documents and are fully informed on expectations of conduct and the principles of good governance; and,
  • Ensure the Board selects leaders who are diversified in the field of real property and have perspectives that align with RPIC’s strategic goals now and into the future.

Roles and responsibilities

The Governance and Nomination Committee strives to fulfill its mandate through the following activities:

  • Keep abreast of developments related to applicable laws and regulations for the non-profit sector;
  • Identify, develop and implement changes required to RPIC’s foundational documents, such as by-laws, policies, processes, on an as required basis;
  • Address governance, performance or compliance issues as they arise;
  • Arrange for governance training, including the identification of best practices and emerging issues for all Board members;
  • Develop succession plans for the RPIC Board, based on established recruitment requirements in Attributes document (attached);
  • Develop a nomination process for Board approval;
  • Develop and provide orientation packages for all new Board Members;
  • Work collaboratively with senior executives and managers in the public sector and partners in the private sector to identify aspiring leaders for both Board and Committee Positions; and,
  • Undertake an annual performance review of the commitments made in the annual operational plans.

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