V. Senior Advisory Council



The Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) Senior Advisory Council shall provide insight and guidance that support the Institute’s development and provision of professional development and other activities that are contemporary and relevant to the needs of Canada’s federal real property (RP) professional community.


Established by RPIC’s Board of Directors, the Council shall serve as an autonomous think-tank and sounding board through which RPIC will obtain insight and advice on current and emerging issues, trends and policies influencing the federal real property workforce and workplace. The Council’s work is expected to inform and influence strategic decisions regarding the future direction and content of RPIC’s professional development and other programs.

Specifically, the SAC shall:

The SAC shall have authority to establish subcommittees or task forces as required to fulfil its responsibilities subject to the approval of any associated expenses by the RPIC Board of Directors. In so doing, terms of reference for any subcommittee(s) shall be established and incorporated into these Terms of Reference of the SAC as an appendix.


The membership of the SAC is intended to ensure that RPIC receives the benefit of timely, diverse and relevant perspectives related to its professional development programming and other services targeted to the federal RP workforce.

The SAC shall have a complement of up to twelve (12) members, comprised as follows:


The SAC Co-Chairs are ex-officio and shall preside during their respective terms of office as RPIC President and RPIC ADM Champion.

All members of the Council serve at the pleasure of the Co-Chairs.


The SAC has no management and/or governance responsibilities and no budget/spending authority within RPIC.

Together, the SAC Co-Chairs shall:

RPIC’s First Vice President shall:

RPIC’s Second Vice President shall:

RP Senior Management Representatives shall:

Entry-Level Professional Representative shall:


The RPIC President shall ensure that the necessary financial and administrative resources are secured to support the Council’s activities.

The following RPIC personnel shall attend meetings as required and support the SAC’s work.

RPIC’s Executive Director shall:

RPIC’s Executive Advisor shall:


The Senior Advisory Council is expected to meet at least twice per year, at the call of the Co-Chairs.

Fifty percent (50%) of the members must be in attendance for a meeting to be official. Members who are unable to attend in person my attend by teleconference. No alternates may participate in place of members who are unable to attend meetings.