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The Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) Senior Advisory Council provides insight and guidance to support RPIC in its mission to foster professional development, knowledge exchange, and lifelong learning across the real property community.

Through the SAC, RPIC receives insight on emerging trends influencing the federal real property workforce, assets, and workplace. Specifically, the SAC provides strategic advice to assist in identifying:

  • the real property workforce’s professional development gaps and learning needs,
  • new approaches to real property practices,
  •  sources of key information, research and data vital to RP professionals’ practice,
  • employment opportunities for recent graduates/new RP professionals, and o other issues,
  • trends or developments that may be of broader interest or importance
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Members of RPIC’s SAC consist of senior real property executives coming from a wide breadth of governmental departments as well as private sector companies. Each member brings their own unique experience and knowledge in order to lend insight to emerging trends within the realm on real property.

Get to know the SAC Members

Dale MacMillan

ADM Champion and Co-Chair, SAC

Jérémie Emond

RPIC President and Co-Chair, SAC

Clayton Truax

First Vice President

Lezlie Locke

Second Vice President

Jean-François Robert

RPIC Past President

Linda Drainville

SAC Member

Tara Dinsmore

SAC Member

Samantha Tattersall

SAC Member

Nick Xenos

SAC Member

Judith Amoils B.Arch, MBA, CMC, CRE, FRICS

SAC Member

Wayne Liko

SAC Member

Cheryl Nelms

SAC Member

Kevin Radford

SAC Member

Jaida Ranson

SAC Member

Nancy Fahey

RPIC Executive Director

Rosa Paliotti

Director, Governance