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The RPIC Mentorship Program connects knowledgeable real property professionals with mentees wishing to learn our industry’s best practices. Mentors will pass down their knowledge to the mentees and encourage them to develop personally and professionally. Mentorship is a trifecta of positive impacts. It’s a win for the mentors, mentees, and the industry.

Participate as either a mentor or a mentee!

Two women sitting opposite each other at a desk and smiling

Have executive/leadership experience? Knowledgeable about real property management? Want to make a positive impact in someone’s life? Join our Mentorship Program today!

Educate. Elevate. Empower.

You will:

  • Pass along your expert knowledge
  • Deepen your leadership skills
  • Elevate the industry
  • Connect with a new cadre of professionals
  • Foster the growth of emerging leaders
  • Mentor the next generation of real property management professionals today
Two workplace professionals speaking in front of a whiteboard.

Eager to advance in your profession? Want to learn from the best and become the best? Seek to expand your network? Join our Mentorship Program today!

Connect. Learn. Grow.

You will:

  • Learn the industry’s best practices
  • Connect with experts
  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Excel in your job
  • Gain an edge to advance your career
  • Be part of the next generation of well-trained real property management professionals today.